About the Forum

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We come together to share information about local issues and meet elected
representatives and officers responsible for delivering local public services.

We are all residents of Birmingham City Centre.
We have no political allegiance.
Our aim is to help improve the area.
We are supported by Birmingham City Council.

 Our Aims

To enhance, or at least maintain, the quality of the area in which we live, by:

Δ Influencing issues affecting the local community.
Δ Raising awareness.
Δ Informing the public.
Δ Undertaking research for public benefit.
Δ Address community issues of common concern.
Δ Working with other public, private and voluntary groups

 Our Focus 

We want to represent your opinions along with our own!

For example: What do you think about current City Centre Developments?
Please let us know!

 Our Endeavour

To encourage the active participation of all sections of the community.
To ensure that issues of concern to Members* of the Forum are drawn to the
attention of those responsible.

We work on behalf of our Members

Automatically you are a Member of the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum
if you who live in the area included within the map below. If you are over 16
you can vote at our public meetings.

Privacy Policy

The only personal details we hold is the email address of those who Subscribe to eMail Updates of the website. For more information see our Privacy Policy page.

 So please get involved and Contact Us.

Please contact the Committee below if you need more information, or to let us
know your opinions on city matters.

The Voluntary Committee engaged in this are:
Brian Hughes (Chair)         David Foster (Treasurer)
Lorna Lee (Secretary)
John McDermott                 David Johnson
Judith Hurst                         Fran Elder
Alex Elder                             Alan O’Sullivan
Moira Mulloy

The Website is run by Voluntary Website Constructor and Administrator
Geoff Caine – contact me.