20mph Consultation Reminder

20mphTime is running out for you to have your say on the details of the 20mph traffic calming measures in the city centre.

The Council has approved the implementation of 20mph limits on a number of roads in the central area, that is the area bounded by the A4540 Ring Road.

The current consultation which ends on Friday 17 October is “to ask local people about the appropriate speed limit for the roads in their area.” (Council words).

You can drop in on exhibitions of the proposals:

On Thu 9 Oct 2014
at The Signing Tree Conference Centre, Ladywood Road, B16 8SZ

On Sat 11 Oct 2014
at Birmingham Council House, Victoria Square

You can download details of which streets are involved by clicking on the links below:

2 thoughts on “20mph Consultation Reminder

  1. Geoff Caine

    I support the general principals of the 20mph limit but would question the wisdom of leaving some streets at 30mph.
    To leave the streets – Broad Street, Sheepcote Street, St Vincent Street – at 30mph is tantamount to encouraging people to use them as a rat run rather than using the ring road. These are heavily residential and hence pedestrian areas. Currently, young car drivers are flaunting the law by accelerating at a maximum along Sheepcote Street, some
    reaching 60mph or more – something needs to be done to stop this and not restricting it to 20mph is a move in the wrong direction.

  2. dave roberts

    Ironic isn’t it that the ambition to slow up traffic throughout the very much second place city and then want to build a rail connection that gets you elsewhere to London in fact in record time at 200 MPH !!

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