Sand Pits Into City Road Opens on 23 October

paradise-news-ikon-croppedThe major traffic restrictions around the Paradise construction site, a major traffic thoroughfare through the centre of Birmingham City, are about to be relaxed in a major way.

Article by Geoff Caine

Motoring from the north west side of Birmingham (Black Country, Smethwick, etc) by driving along Sandpits you will from Sunday 23 October be able to access the A38 both to the north-east (Great Charles Street and the Aston Expressway) and to the south-west (Bristol Street).

Also of note is that Broad Street can be entered from Paradise Circus by all traffic – buses, taxis, cars, commercial vehicles, etc – this is true whatever the direction of travel. This will be achieved by new traffic lights at the junction pf Broad Street and Paradise Circus. So, all traffic can now travel along Broad Street in a westerly direction up to Five Ways. But see comment below by Geoff Caine.

Traffic travelling eastwards along Broad Street towards the city centre will not be able to go past Bridge Street where the Hyatt Hotel is situated and so Paradise Circus cannot be entered by such traffic. The exception to this is buses and taxis.

How this will affect bus routes, currently diverted via the Jewellery Quarter and Sheepcote Street, is not clear from the map.

Meanwhile below is the new access map of the area issued by



2 thoughts on “Sand Pits Into City Road Opens on 23 October

  1. Geoff Caine Post author

    Having driven up Sandpits and onto Paradise Circus on Sunday 23 October in early afternoon I note the changes to the Broad Street/Paradise Circus junction had not yet been implemented. I currently can find no further information on this.

  2. David Foster

    As I read the map, the only traffic turns into Broad Street will be west-bound, i.e. out-of-city. And, under traffic light control, these will be from both Summer Row and Bristol Street directions. The in-bound traffic along Broad Street to the Paradise junction is taxis and buses only.
    There seems to be some inconsistency over start dates. It says 23 October in some places and 30 October in others.

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