Hooray! Pot Holes Filled in Grosvenor Street West

Overnight the Council Workers Poured the Tarmac to Fill the Holes

Returning to my home in Sheepcote Street at around 11pm last night (Saturday) I was thwarted by a traffic jam starting in Friston Avenue off Ladywood Middleway and leading to Rushton Street and then Grosvenor Street West.

I sited much activity in Grosvenor Street West by road workers .

This traffic jam failed to move so I drove around neighbouring streets and found that Grosevenor Street West was closed with physical barricades.

I eventually managed to find a way through and reached Sheepcote Street.

Now this afternoon i found that most of the pot holes had been filled by laying new sections of tarmac. Yay!

The sections are shown below:
(Click/Tap on any photo to open a slideshow of them. Then click the x in the top right of the window to show this opening page again.)

Some potholes still remain as below and are likely to cause damage if not avoided.

Article and photos by Geoff Caine

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