A Chance Encounter with the Birmingham International Food Festival

Walking into the city I was lucky enough to see the clouds clear, the sun shine and a festive atmosphere in our central squares was revealed…Heading through the city to the gym in the early afternoon on Friday I’d had my spirits dampened by the lunchtime TV weather forecast which predicted mostly rain for the afternoon. The morning had already poured gloom and rain in abundance.

But, as is so often the case with the British weather which is changeable, and the forecasters who need lessons in timing, the forecast was really, really wrong and the sun shone down on Birmingham and the temperatures soared with not a sign of rain!

The food fair was in full swing and those lucky enough to have chosen today to visit Brum, if not the food fair especially, were in high spirits. There’s nothing that the Great British Public like more than sunshine and when you add good street food and a place to sit, eat and drink in the sun they are as happy as larry. And so it was.

I’d thoroughly recommend a visit when the sun shines. The food does look deliciously different and seems to be prepared by enthusiastic experts instead of the ubiquitous franchisees who can’t (be bothered to?) get it right. I had jerk chicken from the chicken BBQ stall in my photo gallery below and it was super!

Not expecting dry weather I didn’t have a camera with me – damn!! So my trusty mobile had to record the event in Lo-Fi for the gallery below.

The fair is on every day  in Chamberlain Square, Victoria Square and New Street and finishes on  Sunday 25 August.

Geoff Caine

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1 thought on “A Chance Encounter with the Birmingham International Food Festival

  1. keithbracey

    Brilliant for Birmingham……Marketing Birmingham’s ‘Taste of Birmingham’ which used to be held in Cannon Hill Park was too elitist and catered for all the high-end restaurants in Brum, whereas this is more street food…..forget Michelin-starred food emporia which ordinary folk cannot afford, let’s have more Balti Houses, Kebab Shops like Neelams at the top of Bearwood Road, near The Kings Head on the Hagley Road and Asian Sweet Centres like the ‘Punjabi Sweet Centre’ me and the missus have discovered at 285-287 Smethwick High Street B66 3NJ near Smethwick Town Hall……Mary and I ate three courses, starters of samosa, bhajis and pakora, followed by chicken curry and lamb curry and naan, with chocolate barfi to finish……less than a tenner the lot and the food was excellent…..just like Birmingham’s Balti Houses used to be before they started to believe their own publicity and forgot that they are ‘budget’ establishments rather than high-end…….Give me The Punjabi Sweet Centre anytime for quality of food and value……Super Smethwick and Brilliant Bearwood to the West of Birmingham any time for me…………………….

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