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Building Cladding Issues – Two Petitions Raised

Many residents of Birmingham City Centre live in flats following more than two decades of encouraging revitalisation and occupation of the area. Many of the flat developments replaced derelict historical industrial buildings and brought new life to the city.
But questions about fire security  have arisen following the disaster at the Grenfell residential tower in London. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing Event At Arena This Weekend – Avoid Local Traffic Problems – Do Read This

The Strictly Come Dancing event at the Arena Birmingham takes place Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January.
This will involve major traffic volumes for those attending the event which could cause serious local traffic problems in the roads surrounding the Arena and for city bus journeys. Continue reading

Paradise One Chamberlain SquareHanded Over to PwC

After many months of delay caused by the collapse of Carillion, Accountancy firm Price Waterhouse Cooper has taken handover of the first building to be completed in the redesigned, demolished and rebuilt Paradise area of central Birmingham.

Left, from Centenary Square. One Chamberlain Square has some visual impact.
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Crescent Theatre – Another Local Gem of Birmingham

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Its amateur status, let’s you get involved with a vast variety of volunteer activities and hence meeting other people like yourself with common interests.

The performances presented on stage are varied and involve amateurs as well as professionals, all with low ticket prices and high entertainment value . Continue reading

Centenary Square Redevelopment Update 20171006

The announcements  of new building development bordering Centenary Square continue to grow in number, by the day. Alongside, Broad Street- the city centre entertainment hub and route from the west – is having to shoulder the construction.
The reconstruction of Centenary Square is also a key element.
How fast is the redevelopment of the square progressing and what effect is this having? Continue reading

The Future of the Midlands Metro

od4a9704The future development of the Metro tram system is organised differently from the Snow Hill to Grand Central one which opened on 30 May 2016. Further extensions to the existing network will be of great benefit to  West Midlands folk and visitors and should encourage new business investment in the region.  Continue reading